Hi there,

I'm Kimberley

Hi there, I’m Kimberley!


I'm here to help you heal your relationship with food.

My aim is to cut through the myriad health advice available, and to share the knowledge I have spent years collecting. To educate women to do away with the all or nothing thinking when it comes to 'healthy' eating, to embrace a love for themselves that radiates, and to actually embody that ever elusive ‘balance’ we are all searching for in our lives.


My tools are food, lifestyle, essential oils and nutritional supplements. With these, I will help you to understand how best to support your physical and emotional wellbeing, and that of your family.


I work with women just like you to:


  • Balance female hormones

  • Support preconception, pregnancy and postnatal health

  • Provide natural options for children & infants health

  • Support digestive health

  • Manage stress and anxiety naturally

  • Manage weight in a healthy and sustainable way

  • And most importantly - learn that a healthy lifestyle is about being free from diet culture, deprivation, and self-loathing. 


No two women are the same, and no two treatment plans are the same.  I will always work with you to ensure your treatment plan is achievable and meets your individual needs.

Because we're all busy, I offer a completely online treatment and meal plan service, in person consultations and Skype appointments. 

Choose the way to work with me that best suits you!

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Pre-conception and pregnancy nutrition

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Digestive health

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