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Gold Coast Nutritionist Kimberley Wright

Women's Health Nutritionist

Perimenopause | Postnatal | Pregnancy

Hi, I'm Kim.

I help women flow seamlessly through life's hormonal changes - perimenopause, postnatal, and pregnancy, naturally.

Let me help you balance your hormones, manage chronic stress, lose weight & gain energy - all by addressing the root cause of your health concerns. Work with me and you'll see just how great you were meant to feel!




Punishing yourself eating boiled chicken & broccoli (and hating every damn minute of it) is a sure fire way to health self-sabotage.


Knowing the right foods to eat so that you feel fabulous, whatever your individual health challenge?  Now that’s the Holy Grail of skinny jeans.


Imagine feasting on foods that you love, which have been proven to improve energy, mental clarity, balance hormones and release any excess weight. 


You read that right.


And what’s that you’re now rocking??

Energy. Confidence. Vitality.  And maybe just a 'lil bit of sass.

Welcome to Kimberley Wright  Health.


I'll deliver a personalised nutrition plan that gets you back in your skin tight jeans, rocking them with the absolute confidence of a 4 year old sharing facts about dinosaurs ;)


Here’s how:

Nutrition Meal Plans

Meal Plans

Online Nutrition Mentorins Australia
Online Nutrition Consultations Australia



Meal Plans that take you from starving & bored to full & energized

1:1 consultations & personalised plans to get you back in your skinny jeans in only weeks

Nutrition mentoring to feel amazing in your skin (minus the usual self-sabotage)

Let's chat


WED     9am-2pm
THURS  9am-2pm

FRI        9am - 2pm

0468964665   (Text preferred!)

Palm Beach, QLD 4221

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