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Work with me

1:1 Consultations

Initial Consultation (Zoom)

60 mins


Think of my consults more like chats with your girlfriend, if your girlfriend is a health nerd & woo-woo AF.


My approach is relaxed and includes a deep dive into you, your health, and of course, we talk about poop.


A loooooot of talk about poop!! (My 6 year old would be proud!).


Relax, you’ll actually feel super comfortable as we get to know each other.


You’ll generally find I’m sipping on a tea during our chats, essential oils diffusing in the background, and I can guarantee I’m wearing trackies or PJ’s under the desk. I’m #businessontop though ;)


Following our virtual hang on zoom, I’ll take some time to tune in and listen to my intuition for the best approach for you.  This mightb be a little unconventional, but it really allows me to process my thoughts so I can make sure you're getting the absolute best from me.


By the next day, you can expect a detailed write up of where we go next on our mission to you feeling freaking fantastic.   


You’ll also receive a detailed prescription if I believe any supplements are right for you.


Initial Consultations run for 1 hour.

Follow-up consultations run for 30 mins.

Investment: $120 (less any applicable rebate from your health fund)

Couple Cooking

Follow-up Consultation (Zoom)

30 mins

Follow ups are generally scheduled for around 2 weeks after your initial nutrition appointment - see above for the low down on what you can expect!

Investment: $85 (less any applicable rebate from your health fund)

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