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Online Nutrition Consultations




Work with me

1:1 Consultations

Initial Consultation (Zoom)

60 mins


Think of my consults more like chats with your girlfriend, if your girlfriend gets a little too animated & nerdy when she talks about food, health & nutrition. 


My approach is relaxed and includes a deep dive into you, your health, your lifestyle, your likes & dislikes.


You’ll generally find I’m sipping on a tea during our chats, essential oils diffusing in the background, and I can almost guarantee I’m wearing trackies or PJ’s under the desk. I’m #businessontop though ;)


Following our virtual chat on zoom, I’ll take some time to map out the best approach before sending over your treatment plan (within 24 hours). This approach  allows me to process my thoughts so I can make sure you're getting the absolute best from me.


By the next day, you can expect a detailed write up of where we go next on our mission to you feeling freaking fantastic.   


You’ll also receive a detailed prescription if I believe any supplements are right for you.


Initial Consultations run for 1 hour.

Follow-up consultations run for 30 mins.

Investment: $140 (less any applicable rebate from your health fund)

Online Nutrition Consults Kimberley wright Health

Follow-up Consultation (Zoom)

30 mins

Follow ups are generally scheduled for around 4 weeks after your initial nutrition appointment, and this first follow-up is included in your initial consultation fee. If any further consultations are required (for complex cases & to check on progress), we'll discuss an appointment schedule and work out an appropriate time frame for them. Any additional follow-up appointments will run for 30 minutes. See above for the low down on what you can expect during any of our chats.

Investment: $65 (less any applicable rebate from your health fund)

Follow-up Nutrition Consultations
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