About me: 

I'm a mumma bear of 2  - Zac is (4) & Isla (3) - (plus another on the way!), a lover of dark chocolate, herbal teas, essential oils & the Foo Fighters! ;-p

I think it's through my own experiences (& struggles) with fertility, pregnancy & balancing hormones in the postnatal period that I've become so passionate about supporting other women through this pivotal time in their own lives, too. I wholeheartedly believe that if you're not nourishing yourself properly through this period of your life, you're not giving yourself (& your kids) the very best chance to thrive. And that's what we want - to absolutely THRIVE, not merely survive!


For me, the journey to motherhood has had such a huge impact on all areas of my life, even changing my approach to working with others around nutrition & natural health. It's opened my eyes to new ways & I won't stop until my message about fostering TRUE health becomes mainstream!


How I work: 

My MO is simple - to provide simple, easy to implement, and individualised health and lifestyle advice. I want to cut through the myriad information available, and work with you to create a plan of action that is tailored to you as an individual, so you can achieve your health goals, for the long term. 

I don't believe in laying down the law and expecting you to eat foods you hate. My role is not to dictate, but to educate.

I would rather work with you to create lifestyle plans that you can actually stick with for the long term. I do this by discussing how you and your family eat, the types of foods that are typically in your diet, and discuss substitutions and make suggestions for alternative food options, so that you can still enjoy the flavours you love, whilst also addressing whatever is going on for you as an individual. 

I am passionate about empowering women to make healthy choices for themselves and their families. I also believe it's just as important to have a healthy relationship with food. I want to encourage my generation of women to model for the next that a healthy mindset around food is as vitally important as the food itself.


What can you expect from a consult? 

After taking a comprehensive health history, and ascertaining your current state of health based on the functioning of various body systems, I will work with you to determine ways to improve your health through nutrition, and supplementation where necessary.


I will explain to you how I am working to treat the underlying cause of conditions, and will outline any nutrients / anti-nutrients to be avoided, and nutrients that we need to ensure you are including in your diet (and how to obtain these from food).


We will also discuss the timing of meals, which is of particular importance if you are taking medications (many nutrients impact the absorption and metabolism of pharmaceuticals).

Specialising in:

Pre-conception and pregnancy nutrition

Postnatal health
Infant and children's health 
Digestive health 
Stress and anxiety management


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