Essential Oils

Essential Oils

As a practitioner that treats clients holistically, I look beyond nutrition alone to offer lifestyle advice to support my clients' on their health journey. I often recommend the use of pure essential oils - they are potent gifts from mother nature, and are particularly wonderful for their uses in mood management and support. I personally have found them invaluable in navigating postnatal depression and postnatal anxiety, to support sleep and to replace endocrine disrupting chemicals in my home. 

The key to using essential oils is knowing how to use them safely, and as part of a holistic health program. I love to use them for:


– Mood management
– Supporting your immune system
– Promoting restful sleep
– Improving focus & concentration
– Creating natural cleaning solutions
– Easing sore muscles & joints
– Encouraging mindfulness and gratitude

It took me a while to come around to incorporating essential oils into my practice. I didn't want to be seen as some kind of hippie - but given there is SO much scientific research around the efficacy of oils, after much consideration I decided I wanted to share these with my clients, to help support them in the way they have so wonderfully supported me!

I only use and recommend doTERRA oils because they are Certified Pure Tested Grade oils, meaning they are pure, potent, and safe when used according to guidelines. I use them aromatically (diffused), topically (applied to skin), and some of the oils I actually ingest.


Why I chose doTERRA:  























Want to get some oils in your life? 

There a few ways to get started with the oils: 

Book a FREE wellness consult: 

I offer a FREE 15 minute Skype wellness consult where we discuss your Top 3 health concerns, so we I can make my recommendations for the best oils for your needs. We can even set you up with your own wholesale account there and then, so you can start enjoying 25% off all doTERRA products. 



Host a class:

If you live on the Gold Coast, and can get together at least 5 friends / family, I'd love to come teach a really fun,  informal class introducing you all to the oils. You will be able to experience the oils - smell, apply, diffuse - and really get a feel for how they can support you and your family in your everyday lives.


We can also do a themed class or a class where we make some DIY products - you choose! Some popular topics include essential oils for mood management, low-tox cleaning, replacing your medicine cabinet with natural alternatives, and cooking with essential oils!


Ready to sign up? 

If you’re ready to start straight away, you can do so by signing up here:

- Click ‘Join & Save’ to set up your wholesale account (Save 25% off retail prices!)  

- Click your home country / language and your location (Choose 'OTG' to get your orders from your local warehouse)

- Choose ‘Wholesale Customer’.

- Complete the ‘About You’ page with your details (The Enroller and Sponsor fields should already be pre-filled with an ID number, if not just add in 4920247)

- Choose your enrolment kit (The Home Essentials Kit is our most popular choice, and the Kit I started with. Purchasing an enrolment kit waives the enrolment fee)

 - OR choose the 'Introductory Packet' which is your $35 enrolment fee, and add whichever products / oils you would like!

- Complete your shipping & payment information and BOOM – you’re enrolled!

Best of all, I'll get in touch with you following your enrolment to discuss how to get the most out of your oils and set up a Wellness call to run through everything doTERRA with you.