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Made For You
Meal Plans

Made for you Meal Plans


Inspired by after soccer practice Wednesday afternoons, when you can’t bear the sound of the question ‘I’m staaarving, what’s for dinner?’ one more f*@king time.


This Wednesday, you’re feeling pretty smug as you're ALL. OVER. IT. 

Dinnertime overwhelm got nothin’ on you!


My Made For You Meal Plans include a 1 hour 1:1 (see my 1:1 Consultations for the low down on that!).


Within 2 days, you can expect a detailed write up of my thoughts on where we go next on our mission to you feeling unstoppable.


Drastic life overhauls are not my thing, but you can absolutely expect small, incremental changes you can make that will achieve some BIG results.


Meal plans include detailed nutrition guidance plus all recipes, so you can implement your plan on autopilot (or zero sleep).


Choose from 7 day or 4 week Meal Plan options.

Still not sure exactly what this package will deliver? 




7 Day Meal Plans: $289
(less any applicable rebate from your health fund)

4 Week Meal Plans: $399

(less any applicable rebate from your health fund)

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