Hi, I'm Kimberley...

Nutritionist, mum to three mini-humans (+ two four legged kids) and wife to one very lucky man ;-p


And......I honestly believe we all deserve to be healthy and happy - the two go hand in hand. 

But it seems knowing exactly what healthy eating looks like is becoming harder and harder. I was in my teens in the 90's, and back then the media had labelled fat the devil. Everywhere you looked, you could find low-fat options of anything and everything. A whole generation of people believing they needed to cut fat from their diet to be healthy. No mention of how the body needs fat to absorb fat-soluble nutrients, or the fact fats are required for our cell membranes, or all the other body processes that require fats to be know, to actually be healthy?!  In hindsight, it was all just crazy. 


Scarily, nothing much has changed. Every week it seems there is another diet trend, with another macronutrient or food group painted the villain, and new 'Superfoods' coming to save the day. 

I'm not buying into that.

Instead, I am very real in my approach to nutrition. I do not demonize nutrients, macronutrients or whole food groups - unless removing them from the diet has been scientifically proven to be of benefit to someone walking in similar shoes to you ie. in the case of a proven therapeutic diet, or when you have made moral decisions about the foods you consume.


I want you to understand that health is not an aesthetic.


Health is when all your body's systems are working optimally.

So the plan I create for you will be different from the plan I create for your friend with diabetes, or high blood pressure, or an autoimmune disease.


My plans work to bring the whole body into alignment, address underlying health issues and ensure your body is firing at it's best in every way. I don't just use food as my tools - I love to incorporate many natural health practices to support you, especially essential oils.


I also believe helping you create a healthy relationship with food is vitally important. I want everyone to focus on nourishing their bodies, not depriving them. And I also want you to cut yourself some slack when it comes to 'healthy eating'. Focus on eating wholesome, nutrient dense food most of the time, and allowing yourself to indulge occasionally without beating yourself up.  I'm a whole food advocate, but I also believe a life without chocolate isn't a life worth living! So when you do occasionally indulge, enjoy it. Eat it slowly, and really, really savour it.  This is what I call balance ;)  

Let me work with you to make conscious, sensible lifestyle changes to help you live your best life through improved nutrition.


By working with you to create a personalised health and wellness program, we will design your roadmap for achieving long-term health. 

I happily work closely with GP's, specialists and other allied health professionals, as part of my holistic approach.

Contact me now and take control of your health!

Specialising in:

Pre-conception and pregnancy nutrition

Postnatal health
Infant and children's health 
Digestive health 
Stress and anxiety management