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Nutrition Mentoring

Nutrition Mentoring

Get the energy & sass of 25 year old you - without starving yourself or spending hours on a treadmill.


Because you look at yourself in the mirror some mornings, and barely recognize the woman looking back. Squinting through puffy insomniac eyes, you realize you don’t even know where to start to get just an ounce of your old energy back.


You know you should be including more fibre, cabbage soup, or celery juice…… because that’s what all the health guru’s are telling you.


But if you eat that way your stomach will self-inflate, and the gas pains will be excruciating.


And you know you want to fit back into your favourite jeans so you can stop hiding under oversized shirts - you want to feel confident & comfortable, but nothing that used to work in shifting weight & toning up does ‘work’ anymore.


After decades of yo-yo diets, inconsistent or over-exercising, your hormones are so out of whack they think they’re saving you from death in an impending ice age.


To release your inner goddess, you need to try the methods that actually work.


Nutrition Mentoring is me as your personal cheerleader for 3 months, offering detailed, personalised guidance so you don’t just reach your goals, you kick them out of the park.  


I will hold your sweet little butt accountable, every single step of the way.

Self-sabotage? She doesn’t live here anymore.


And those hormones we chatted about? They’ll be under control & you’ll be back in your skinny jeans the minute you know how to work them to your advantage. All without a celery juice in sight!



Kimberley Wright Health Nutrition Mentoring

When you join my Nutritional Mentoring program, here’s what happens:


We kick off with an initial 1:1 chat over a hot cuppa (virtually). My approach is relaxed and includes a deep dive into you, your health, and we take this time to get absolutely explicit on your goals.


Following our virtual hang on zoom, I’ll take some time to tune in and listen to my intuition for the best approach for you.  Because let me tell you lovely – there aint no-one out there exactly like YOU!


By the next day, you can expect a detailed write up of where we go next on our mission to reignite your spark & get that body & mind reflecting your true bad ass self.


Included will be recipes, handouts and eBooks relevant to you & your goals.


You’ll also receive a detailed prescription if I believe any supplements are right for you.  (We’ll rinse & repeat with another virtual hang each month for the next 2 months).


We then set up your VIP email & audio mentorship – you choose the platform that works best for you. You then have me at hand to ask questions at any point over the next 12 weeks, and I’ll be checking in regularly with you, too.


This is a truly intimate experience and only for those that are 100% committed to making positive changes.


Oh, you want to know the results when you show up on the regular?


You can expect:


  • The energy of a teenager

  • A mind so clear, you never forget book week outfits again

  • No bloating, gas or pain after eating

  • Weight loss and / or killer body tone

  • Kardashian level confidence

  • A loaded toolkit for managing your own health, long-term


Now Taking Applications


Investment: $549


So, if you’re a HELL YES, why are you still reading this?

Click the button below and book in  - I think we'd make a great team :)





Because hot tip: you absolutely deserve to feel amazing in your skin. Period.


Get in touch now >>>









Q. I’m scared I won’t be able to stick to a restrictive diet.


A. Honestly, is there anything worse? Don’t worry, we work together to create a plan that is best suited for you, but also realistic. I won’t ask you to cut anything out unnecessarily. In fact, many women I work with can’t believe I don’t ask them to be more restrictive (as they’ve come to believe that’s the only way to achieve results. Hot tip – it’s definitely not!).


Q. I already have dietary requirements, will you respect them?


A. Absolutely! Whether your restrictions are based on ethical or medical reasons, I will 100% work with you to have the most diverse diet possible within those boundaries.


Q. When you say you’re going to hold me accountable, I’m just a little scared you’re going to go all Terry Crews on my ass!


A. Terry Crews is THE BEST!! But don’t worry, I’m not going to come running out of bushes & crash tackle you for eating ice-cream, or scream down the phone at you either. But I will lovingly call you out on any BS stories I see cropping up, so we can get to work figuring out why you’re letting these thought patterns hold you back from achieving your goals, then get to work on releasing them & replacing them with kinder, more beneficial patterns.   Because hint: these same patterns won’t just be affecting your health, they’re affecting every aspect of your life.


Q. I’m not sure if I can commit – how much time do I need to invest?


A. Outside of our scheduled chats, the rest is up to you.  Ideally, investing 1.5-2 hours a week to exercise – that’s 20 minutes a day, 4 days/week (don’t worry, we’ll set out a plan for optimal results there), and another 20 minutes/day to implementing new habits, will achieve the best results.


As for your email / audio support – we can chat as much or as little as you like. You drive the pace (with a minimum weekly check-in from me).



Q. Will you be available to me 24/7?


A. Erm……no. I’m totally invested in helping you reach your goals, but I run two businesses, plus have a life & family of my own.  For our email / audio check-ins, I will aim to get back to you within 2-3 hours max during office hours. It may take me a little longer to get back to you if you contact me outside of those times.



Q. How often can I contact you / how many questions can I ask?


A. As much as you like! No limit here, just see the point above as to my response times ;)



Q. Do you have a payment plan?


A. Yes! You can pay one up-front payment of $549, or choose the payment plan option at checkout & pay $195 per month / 3 months. To pay monthly. you will simply need to 'sign up' to allow our booking system to process the 3 monthly payments. 

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