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Dandelion root and liver support

Dandelion, usually known for being a pesky weed, has been used in traditional medicines for centuries - generally the leaves are used for kidney support (as it is a diuretic), and the root to support the liver.

It's the bitterness of dandelion root which stimulates the digestive system, increasing bile flow and supporting the digestion of fats. The bitterness is due to the presence of sulphur, which is required for many of the liver's detoxification pathways.

Dandelion root also contains inulin, a prebiotic fibre which probiotics (healthy bacteria) feed on.

Various studies have shown dandelion root exerts hepatoprotective effects - that means it protects the cells of the liver from oxidative damage, which they are exposed to as a result of the liver performing it's detoxification duties. Any time the cells of an organ are protected, the organ is supported to function optimally.

As with any dietary change, there are some cautions around it's use. Dandelion root should be avoided by those with gallbladder diseases, those taking certain medications, or those who are allergic to other plants from the same (Asteraceae) family, such as chamomile and yarrow. If you're unsure if incorporating Dandelion root into your diet is right for you, book a consultation now so we can discuss your individual plan.

Have you incorporated Dandelion root into your diet? Watch the video to hear my opinion of my first Dandelion Coffee!

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