The importance of self-care, mum edition.....

So I sat down today ready to write a post about why it's so important to get to understand nutritional panels (which I will get to at some other time, I promise!).....and I just couldn't focus. I felt compelled to write this instead. Absolutely not nutrition related, but it's what I'm feeling, and this is my blog after all ;)

What I wanted to share is that I have found the past couple of weeks being back in work mode so amazingly fulfilling. On my first day back at work, I basically skipped out the door. And I barley thought about the kids all day. Ooops!

Perhaps it's because I knew they were in good hands (thanks Gran!), or perhaps it was because I was ecstatic to finally feel like the old me again - or maybe it was a little bit of both?

I realised that these past two and half years have been all about my little people, and in being there for them, I slowly had started to feel like I was losing so much of myself. Some days, if you had asked me the simplest question about nutrition, my passion, I possibly would have stared at you blankly at best, or burst into tears at worst. Why? I don't know. I honestly don't know.

Since having my second bub (who is 1 on the weekend! Whoa!!) I focused so diligently on ensuring I was eating nutritious, healthy foods and exercising regularly, because I knew how tough being a stay at home mum was on my mental health with my son. I kept on top of everything for a while, but even with these solid foundations, everything started to fall apart at the 8 month mark. 8 months of 3-4 hours sleep per night, feeling disconnected from the old me and wondering if being a mother was all I was to the world now just broke me.

I don't ever want to feel that way again.

It was around this time that I started using essential oils for mood management, and I stumbled across a blend of oils that I now call 'The Magic Sleep Potion'. The nights we used it, both my kids started sleeping better. I was finally getting a little more sleep. I started to handle my stress better. The world started to feel a bit brighter..... and so now we diffuse that magic blend every.single.night.

And slowly everything has started to improve, to where I am now and so excited to be doing what I love for a living and feeling passionate about helping others. But if I hadn't got to a better point mentally - I wouldn't be in this position today. Starting a new practice would have felt too overwhelming, stressful, daunting.

It's really hit home how important looking after all aspects of your health is. Sure, you can focus on exercise and feel great, but that's only one piece of the puzzle. Nutrition is another huge piece of the puzzle, but even with that in place a lack of sleep saw me almost come unstuck.

It's also highlighted to me how isolating being a mum can be at times, even when you're blessed with great and supportive friends and family. So please mum's - take the time to stop and focus on yourself occasionally, speak out when you need help, and don't give up searching for whatever it is that you need that will make your life a bit easier (I'm thinking good nutrition, exercise and oils, and wine in moderation ;). Because getting help and looking after you doesn't mean you're doing less of an amazing job xx

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