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Eat more, lose weight?

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Kimberley Wright Health - eat more, lose weight

I have seen so many women recently who's main motivation for seeing me has been weight loss. And sometimes I actually recommend that these women to eat more. Yep, you heard right. More. And you know what - this recommendation has been met with expressions of shock, bewilderment, and even borderline open hostility.

Because eat more, lose weight seems counter-intuitive, right?

After all, we are constantly told by the media & health experts that the obesity epidemic is a result of overeating. To lose weight & feel great, the common misconception is that we need to simply eat less, move more.

I feel there are a couple of things that are fundamentally wrong with this advice.

The eat less, move more approach doesn't take into consideration individual variation. It doesn't consider your personal stress levels, activity levels, underlying chronic conditions, or the interplay of your hormones. Or the fact that starving yourself of vital calories & nutrition may lead to initial weight loss, but that if you eat too little, weight loss can't be sustained. Not to mention the havoc this plays on hormones & mood.

And the difficult thing for many women to get past is that this approach of eating less and hammering themselves in the gym with long, hard workouts has 'worked for them before'. The problem here is that restricting calories WILL work in the short-term, however it is not sustainable, and not an enjoyable way to live long-term. And that's why they've come to see me - it worked in the past, but isn't working anymore.

So why are people so attached to a way of life that no longer works, and isn't a hell of a lot of fun?

I'm still trying to figure out why I am met with so much resistance. But I can tell you this - in the few women that are open to hearing what they should be eating, how much they should eat, how often they should eat, and why their body needs this fuel and nourishment, I witness a beautiful shift. I wish more people were open to it,

The weight loss is consistent, and it stays off. Energy returns. Hair, skin, nails glow. And perhaps the most important aspect - self-love returns.

So what am I asking of you beautiful woman? I'm asking you to accept that there is a different way. Be open to receiving the educated advice that truly has your best interest at heart. And accept that loving your body and providing it with what it needs to thrive will provide greater longer term health benefits than starving it, thrashing it, and hating it.

When the mind and the body truly align in this, and when we let go of old beliefs that don't serve us - that's when the change (and the magic) starts to happen.

Get in touch if you're ready and open to living your best & happiest life through improved nutrition.

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