Don't you DARE ask me if I have my period!

Are you one of the 80% of womenthat suffer from PMS?

Can you relate to any of these PMS sub-types?

PMS is something we often joke about, because it is so, so common. Whilst up to 80% of women will report having PMS symptoms at some time in their life, up to 40% will actually seek medical treatment for these symptoms. But don’t mistake PMS’

prevalence for it being ‘normal’.

PMS can have many symptoms – from emotional feelings including being weepy, angry, explosive, fragile emotionally - to the physical, including excruciating, sometimes debilitating pain. But PMS is actually a symptom in itself. It indicates that the body is out of balance – hormonally, nutritionally, and often emotionally / spiritually.

Have you ever spoken to a friend that says they don’t get period pain or PMS and deadest wonder how you could even be friends? That used to be me. My periods were bloody painful (no pun intended!). And I was touchy. Sooooo touchy, emotional, and prone to lashing out. But now, the shoe is on the other foot - I actually often forget that I have my period (don’t worry, I know I sound like a smug a-hole right now!).

The key for me has been acknowledging the different symptoms I had (which tells me which PMS sub-type(s) I fell into), and understanding what that was telling me was happening within my body to cause these symptoms – and then rectifying that.

So, do you feel that painful periods, migraines, breast pain, and bloating are the main symptoms for you?

Are anxiety, low mood and poor sleep your issue?

Or are you most likely to experience mood swings, irritability, fatigue and water retention?

Once you identify your subtype, we can start to work to heal the body to eradicate PMS.

In all instances, I generally start by treating systemic inflammation in the body (PMS is associated with higher levels of circulating inflammatory cytokines), address gut health, and provide liver support (as the liver excretes excess hormones and hormone metabolites). Then we look to rectify nutritional imbalances, support healthy hormone production, and address external factors that can exacerbate these issues, including stress and lack of sleep.

If you’re one of the many women relying on up to 10 Naprogesics to get through your period, or who’s friends and partner avoid like the plague for a few days each month - I can help! Get in touch so we can create your personalised treatment plan together.

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