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Postnatal health

I'm really passionate about supporting women on their motherhood journey during the postnatal period.  

It's during this time that you've just welcomed your bundle of joy, and now feeding them becomes your next (all consuming) issue. If you choose to breastfeed but encounter issues (such as low supply, oversupply,  raynauds / vasospasm, blocked ducts / mastitis) nutritional medicine can be of benefit. If you choose to bottle feed, learning how you can best support your bub's immune system and how to choose the right formula for them can provide confidence and peace of mind. 

It's also a time for healing, for managing fluctuating hormones and supporting mental health. The food we eat and our lifestyle can have a massive impact on this time in our lives, and I want to share all that I have learned with you so you can navigate the postpartum period with the tools and knowledge to make the best decisions for yourself and your family. Having suffered with postnatal depression, postnatal anxiety and a chronic lack of sleep, I know the importance of good nutrition in supporting new mums and helping you to feel like 'you' again! 

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