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Reiki (distance healing)

30 minutes or 1 hour


The one that brings it all together.


Your motivation. Your willpower. Your clarity.


This gorgeous healing modality allows you to stop, take time, and simply receive.


Clearing emotional blocks through channelled source energy, Reiki will make you feel centred, aligned and clear.

Combining the two modalities of Nutrition & Reiki is the way to faster breakthroughs, removing emotional blocks that have stopped you from sticking to plans, and achieving true body-mind health.


All healings are currently offered via distance, and include:


  • Meditation audio to utilise during your session

  • 30 minutes of dedicated relaxation time (in the comfort of your own home)

  • Personalised summary of each session


Investment:  $65 30mins / $85 1hour

Reiki Treatment

How does a 'Distance Healing' session work?

The beauty of a distance session is that it provides the flexibility to receive guidance & healing from your own home. Rest assured that our online healing offers the same high level of care your would expect from a face-to-face session.

As Reiki healing is energetic, it's possible to send Reiki energy across time & space. I utilise the sacred Reiki symbols & the help of my trusty surrogate 'Ray' the Reiki bear.


Want to know what you can expect from a Reiki session?


Everyone experiences Reiki differently, but those that experience sensations have described:


  • Heat or coolness in an area of the body

  • Pins & Needles or tingling

  • Vibrational buzzing

  • Goosebumps

  • Throbbing

  • Visions / dreams

  • Thoughts / feelings / emotions coming to the fore

  • A strong sense of calm & relaxation

  • Yawning & sleepiness


Know that experiencing some, all or none of these is completely ok. Just know that Reiki energy is working to support you perfectly and as it should.


So, if you’re a HELL YES to some relaxation and healing, why are you still reading this?

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 Some Reiki Love from clients:


 'I felt a wave of warmth, protection & love wash over me, then as my eyes were closed I saw the colours of the rainbow appear one by one. I felt the most relaxed I have in a while - after the session the world seemed brighter & clearer around the edges'


'Your session summary was so spot on - I could feel your energy!'

'This was a powerful experience - your notes are so in sync with all the things that came up for me - both physically & emotionally. I'm loving these sessions & how they're helping me to work through my trauma'

'I definitely felt a shift in energy during the session, it was so powerful'

' I loved my Reiki session - it was beautiful to actually 'receive' and very relaxing!'





Q. Is a distance healing as effective as an in-person healing?


A. It absolutely is! In fact, I've had clients say they felt more in-tune with their healing receiving it in this way (see the testimonials above to see just how powerful distance healing can be!).


Q. I've suffered trauma in the past - is a distance healing recommended?


A. Yes! Absolutely! The beauty of a distance healing is that you can receive this without needing me to be in your personal space, which I believe allows for full relaxation.


Q. Am I going to be left to my own devices completely? I mean - you're not gonna leave me to drown Jack style, are you Rose?


A. Ohhhh no, there's definitely room for 2 on my metaphorical door!!  But in all seriousness, I provide you with a really clear & comprehensive outline of how to approach your session & what to expect, with a full debrief after & further personalised guidance around processing anything that comes up for you in the session


Q. Do I really need to set the time aside - can you just do the healing while I'm going about my day?


A. I actually can complete the healing if you are seriously that damn busy that you can't take just a little smidge of time for yourself - but the clients that have the most profound experiences and fast tracked healing are the ones that take the time we have allocated, and use it to meditate, tune-in & receive.



Q. How many sessions do you recommend?


A. Outcomes are individual, however it is always recommended to receive a few sessions to help clear blocks - Reiki is a powerful healing modality, but as with most approaches, the benefits are cumulative. For this reason, I offer 3 session packs to maximise your results.



Q. Do you have a payment plan?


A. Yes! I offer 3 session packs for both 30 minute or 1 hour sessions at a discounted rate when paid in advance. See my booking page for pricing.