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100% organic teas,
handcrafted in Australia

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Awakened Health Co. is passion for holistic natural health.


It’s living this beautiful life hand in hand with nature, utilizing ALL the natural goodies mama earth has provided us.


It’s about harnessing the medicinal power of plants, so our bodies & minds thrive, and we feel freaking fantastic while we do it.


It’s about refreshing dips in the ocean.

Nourishing hot tea to warm the bones.

Delicious fresh food for energy & vitality.

And deep belly laughs for the soul.


Founded by Holistic Nutritionist Kimberley Wright and carefully curated to ensure quality and potency, every Awakened Health Co. product is 100% natural & organic. Cruelty Free.  Ethically Sourced. 


No crap. Zero Greenwashing. And just a little touch of humour.


Want delicious, therapeutic products that deliver exactly what they promise?

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Our product collection includes:

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Essential Oils
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Gift Packs
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