Work with me

Work with me

My goal is to cut through the myriad health information available and make expert nutrition advice available to everyone. To be able to cater to everyone's different needs, there are several ways that I'm able to offer personalised recommendations  for my clients. 

1:1 Consultations

I offer 1:1 consultations via Skype.  A 1:1 consultation allows us to have a discussion (and lets be honest - suss each other out a little!) and determine what your health concerns are, your goals, and work together to create a personalised treatment plan, with recommendations around diet, lifestyle, supplementation and essential oils. This is great for people that haven't been feeling themselves for a while, but can't get to the bottom of it?! Bonus -  I also offer a discount for returning clients. Read more about my 1:1 consultations and book here. 

Online Meal Plans

As a Mum, one of the most daunting tasks I used to experience was getting dinner done. Usually, my good intention was to plan my meals out in advance, but I never found the time. I’d read books, articles and blog posts about being a busy Mum and executing great meals for my family. Most of the articles said the same thing: plan in advance, cook in batches, and pre-prepare. Only problem is, I could never get organised enough to do any of those things. 


Life is really about priorities, and becoming a nutritionist put food at the forefront for me. Now it’s become a passion, so creatively planning and executing meals has become something that I love. 


That’s why I put together my incredible Mum’s on the Run online meal planning service. It’s designed for busy Mum’s, just like you, and it has everything I wished I could have had back then. The package includes a comprehensive treatment plan with diet & lifestyle recommendations, a 7day personalised meal plan, all recipes and shopping list. This is by far my most popular service! Probably because it also offers the best value! 

This is because you complete your client registration form, questionnaire and 7 day diet diary in your own time, and once you send this all over to me, I piece together the puzzle that is your health, and whizz up a personalised plan that I know you will be able to follow (as it's based around the things I know you like to eat). I guarantee delivery of my online meal plans in 3 business days - learn more about my online meal plans and hear why people are going crazy for them!

Pantry Clear Out & Shop

Have you ever been given a recommendation to remove something from your diet (or let's be honest - you really just read an article about it in Body + Soul ;-p) and have zero idea where to start with that? This is where the Pantry Clear Out & Shop will simplify your life. With this service, I come to your house and we conduct my normal initial consultation (or as I like to call it, a fact finding mission).


From here, I will make my dietary & lifestyle recommendations - then start getting you into actioning them. We will sort through your cupboard and fridge, paying close attention to nutrition labels and ingredient lists to weed out hidden no-no's. I can guarantee that once you learn to properly read a label - you will feel so freaking empowered (and probably a bit disgusted with our government for some of the crazy sh*t that is allowed to go in our food!) We finish up with a trip to your local grocer where I will show you which items to buy in place of what you previously bought and why. Sometimes a simple brand swap can make all the difference to your health - but it's knowing where to start that's the hardest! Available to those living in the Gold Coast only. 

Click here to book your pantry clear out & shop. 

Nutrition Workshops

If you have a corporate or community group or organisation, and would like to host a nutrition workshop, then please get in touch. I love educating and sharing my knowledge (#nutritionnerd) and would love to work with you to create a workshop that is themed to suit. 

Get in touch to discuss a nutrition workshop

So, choose the way to work with me that best suits you, and get in touch!

Specialising in:

Pre-conception and pregnancy nutrition

Postnatal health
Infant and children's health 
Digestive health 
Stress and anxiety management


Appointments Available:


I am currently on maternity leave. Check for updates in 2021.

Cancellation Policy


Please provide 24 hours notice for appointment changes or cancellations by calling 0468 964 665.

Cancellations made within 24 hours will attract a fee.

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