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Work with me

Diet fads will come & go. But eating for your natural body type is the ONLY way to a vibrant, energetic you.


You can expect more energy, mental clarity & focus, less bloating, and to feel great in your skin once you start paying attention to how you nourish yourself.


That’s a win. 


And that’s what I’m here to do.


Help you win.

1:1 Consultations



Let’s get to the core of what’s really going on in your body, so you can get back to rocking your mini-skirts with confidence.


All from making some minor dietary, lifestyle & supplementation tweaks.





Nutrition Mentoring


Making lifestyle & diet related changes can be sooooo freaking hard. I get it!


Let me be your personal cheerleader for the next 3 months, so you can shed whatever it is that’s holding you back from feeling amazing in your skin, without the usual self-sabotage.


The key? Having me hold your sweet little behind accountable every step of the way.


Sound like the extra motivation you need?



Meal Plans


For when you need the guesswork taken out of achieving your goals, you can combine your initial consultation with the creation of your own, personalised 7 day or 4 week meal plan, including ALL recipes.

Perfect for you & also your family, these meal plans are a game changer!

Kimberley Wright Holistic Nutritionist
Specialising in:

Pre-conception and pregnancy nutrition

Postnatal health
Digestive health 
Stress and anxiety management


Appointments Available:


WED     9am-2pm

THURS  9am-2pm

FRI        9am - 2pm

SAT       8am - 12pm

Cancellation Policy


Please provide 24 hours notice for appointment changes or cancellations by calling 0468 964 665.

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